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by Imposing Grace

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Written and recorded in Aaron's basement in the month of January.
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released January 22, 2013

Aaron: Guitar & Vocals/Lyrics
Grace: Art & Vocals/ Lyrics



all rights reserved


Imposing Grace Missouri

Grace and Aaron make songs.

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Track Name: Something To Embrace/ Something To Indulge
There's a sequel to this story, that was written long ago. It was kept and was published, titled, "Something To Indulge." They send 'em for your money, pre-packaged it was sold. They signed a little contract to promise them their souls.

There's a secret I've been writing to try and set the tone. Been finding ways, been taking days when it's already been told. And everything in this world has been cut and already done. They say I'm behind and not in line when it's them that has been fooled.

They'll sentence you to death when you try to write a song. They'll try to out-write debts that were carried all along. We tried to write a story, but got lost along the way. I've pried the life straight from my lungs to try and stay the same.

There are pieces to the puzzle that went missing long ago. They went laughing and running, running and laughing never to be found. There are people that wear muzzles, to filter what they emote. They would sync up all their gossip and gulp it down like wolves.

There are things that aren't worth signing so the deaf just wouldn't know. But there are instances that are meaningless, like your (probably) burning home. There's a publication screening to all the people getting old: "There's a price to pay, for less oxygen, and they say we're better off without you and your history. I'm sorry, but you're of no use to me."
Track Name: Turn You Into Me (IG Version)
I am spending time alone
I'll take a holiday
And I'm turning off my phone
I'll try to educate you on how to be alone
And I'll turn you into me.

I don't want to be your own.
Guess I'll try to fail you faster.
If I could just become a child to the bastard you love,
I'll get inside your head and turn you into me.

Boo Wopp Doo Wopp.
Track Name: Your Shirt Pocket
Waking up feeling sorry for myself again.
Waking up all alone.
With the taste of your lips on my mind again.
The memories fading too slow.

Everything changes fast,
while I'm living in the past.
I've been longing to tell you so-
what you don't already know.

Seeing a stranger in myself, doesn't make me feel alright.
But it's like I'm frozen in this state.
And I try to fix myself, but I'm sorry.
I'd disappoint you anyway.

Let the rain fall down.
I'll fix it all somehow.

Whisper words out my window to the sky again.
Hope they find you there someday.
Keep me close, tucked away in your shirt pocket.
I hope you think of me that way.
Track Name: Makeup (& Drugs)
And when the morning I'll be closer to you.
It'a been awhile my love, but baby we'll pull through.
Cause you can be my makeup.
And I will be your drugs.
Cause baby it's not over 'til we give up.

This fix we bought will last enough for us tonight.
I know just the flick to put on to feel alright.
Cause you can be my blanket.
And I will be your shoes.
Cause baby its not over 'til we lose.

I can be your makeup.
And I can be your drugs.
Cause baby it's not over-
We won't give up.
Track Name: That Uncomfortable Silence
What are you waiting for?
We're traveling down.
Can't catch my feet up, I'm turned all around.
I'm looking for you tonight.

And where've you gone?
There's something been missing and I can't last long.

Now I'm sitting shotgun and you're driving slow
Can't hold my impatience, it's starting to show.
I'm breaking on you tonight.

And I'm holding my breath
and I'm waiting for words
to come out my lungs
and prepare for the worst
Cause I'm dying to leave
but you won't say a word
And I'm gasping for breath
in this silence of yours.
And I won't let you keep me
inside of this place
No, I won't be afraid
No, I can't be afraid
Cause it's too late to fix this
I'm already gone, yes I'm traveling on

I'm moving on.
(Hut hut)
Track Name: Missing Person
Down down down the burning hatch it goes.
Throw my coffin and my clothes.
Waste away the death that no one knows.
Never had a story.
"Where's that girl, the one we saw last week?
The one with the scarf and the spot on her cheek.
She was quiet but seemed kinda sweet.
Yea I think she liked me."

Never had a chance

Thought that call might've been from you.
Empty my pockets and take off my shoes.
Never thought I'd have too much to lose.
And I guess that's proven.
Where's the talk around this small town?
The gas station's closed and the grocer's burned down.
Don't think anyone's missing right now.
Guess I'll have to change that.

I've sunken pretty low.
Never had a chance.
Track Name: If You Say So (Then Don't)
A life like staying up late nights feeling hollow to the core. Staying up tonight? Come on. Stay up tonight! Cause I can feel the depths creepin' over me. It's like I can feel my chest cavin' in on me. It's like I can see a sign that no else can see.

A time fit for wasting your weeknights crying on the phone. The song keeps saying it's alright, but nothing's ever fine. It's like I can feel the fire burning me at the stake. It's like I just feel so tired from holding out until the break. I can be the liar that you were always aiming to be. I could be so much higher. Please, just make it so I won't have to try.

Please don't go.
Track Name: Monologue Pittoresque (Simon)
I've learned the hard way,
I'm good for a mistake.
I've broken hearts stronger than yours.
I've had some progress,
even bought a new dress,
but still they want me just the same.
No one ever tells,
that I'm a ride to Hell,
cause I will eat your heart out with a wink.

Oh Simon my Darling,
Oh Simon my Darling,
Don't fall in love with me tonight.
Your dreams won't come true,
I'll be the death of you.
With me "love" just never seemed right.
Don't fall in love with me tonight.

I know what you will say,
"Baby it won't be that way"
The problem is you're just my type.
I'm trying to save you,
trying to be brave too.
I'm just a lonely girl at heart.
But don't let my looks fool,
it's true, I'm pure evil,
cause I will stomp your heart into a pulp.

Oh Simon my Darling,
Oh Simon my Darling,
Don't fall in love with me tonight.
Your dreams won't come true,
I'll make a meal of you.
It's too late to bring me to the light.
Don't fall in love with me tonight.

Simon my Darling
Oh Simon my Darling,
most times I adore the ones who fight,
but baby don't fall in love with me tonight.